What is a Lip/Tongue Tie Correction?

Some children are born with lip or tongue tie disorder that may be related to the teeth, and in some cases, may be caused by an doctororthodontic problem. Led by Drs. Kevin Nietzer and Kathleen Monn, the dental team here at Anderson Pediatric Dentistry in Anderson, SC, provides corrective treatment for tongue lip-tie issues. Read on to learn more!

What Is a Lip or Tongue Tie?
There are some dental cases where the muscles in the child’s mouth interfere with the function of their lips and tongue. It can cause them to have a verbal impairment (such as a lisp), trouble nursing as an infant, or general dental discomfort. A lip tie is caused by an enlarged muscle connector called the labial frenum. The labial frenum creates a connection between the upper lip and the area between the front teeth and it can create a large gap. A tongue tie is caused by an abnormality of the lingual frenum, which is the connective tissue between the tongue and the bottom of the mouth. It causes difficulty when speaking and eating.

Treatment Options
A frenectomy is a dental surgery to remove or reduce the frenum muscle to alleviate issues with tongue lip-tie. In some cases, orthodontic treatment with metal braces can resolve issues with lip ties and large front-tooth gaps in children. When visiting our Anderson office, either Dr. Nietzer or Dr. Monn will likely recommend that you have these matters corrected as early as possible. They can have a significant effect on their quality of life.

Additional Tips for Your Child's Smile
Maintaining your child’s orthodontic and general dental health is important both to their overall wellness as well as their self-esteem. Here are a few tips for how to keep your child’s smile in tip-top condition:

- Like adults, children should visit the dentist at least twice per year for checkups.
- If an orthodontic treatment is needed, explain the benefits your child will enjoy after the required period of wearing braces.
- After orthodontic treatment, encourage the use of retainers. Mouthguards are essential if your child is an athlete.

Call for an Appointment
The look and quality of your child’s smile will become more and more important as the years progress. Do everything you can to ensure that their teeth, lips, and tongue look right and feel comfortable. Call (864) 760-1440 today to schedule a tongue lip-tie appointment with Dr. Kevin Nietzer or Dr. Kathleen Monn at Anderson Pediatric Dentistry in Anderson, SC, today!

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