• Seal Out Summer Cavities
    Summer months are almost upon us. School will be out soon and kids will find themselves with more free time and more relaxed schedules. While we all look forward to the break from the daily school routine, this change in routine may not be great for your child’s teeth. Dental sealants on your child’s back teeth are a great preventative measure that can protect your child’s teeth and help keep cavities at bay. Read more
  • Where Did Halloween Come From and Why All the Candy?
    Americans will spend more than 8 billion dollars on Halloween this year? Where did this holiday come form and why do we celebrate it with candy? Read more
  • Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay
    Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Baby bottle tooth decay, or bottle mouth, is the name given to this common early childhood dental condition. Decay is caused by frequent and long exposures Read more
  • Can You Be Born With Bad Teeth?
    It’s a common conversation in a pediatric dentist’s office.  “I don’t know what to do. My whole family has bad teeth.” Or, “I just don’t understand, we brush twice a Read more
  • Asthma, Inhalers and Cavities
    Did you know that one in 12 Americans suffers from asthma? That number seems alarming and a little difficult to believe, but the prevalence of asthma is increasing every year. Read more
  • Why Baby Teeth Matter
    When our children are infants, their baby teeth are a BIG deal. We spend hours consoling them as they drool and gnaw on their hands during the teething process. We Read more

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