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  • To Seal or Not to Seal
    Yes, that’s right. We’re talking about sealants, yet again. Why do we keep throwing this information at you time and time again? It’s kind of like when your teacher used Read more
  • What's So Funny?
    For many people, especially young children, having a dental procedure done can cause a bit of anxiety. It makes sense. No one finds it extremely fun or comfortable to have Read more
  • Does My Kid Really Need X-Rays?
      X-rays are a highly beneficial tool in the world of dentistry. An x-ray can help to diagnose tooth decay, gum disease and infections that may not be visible on the Read more
  • What To Do If Your Luck Runs Out on St. Patrick's Day - Or Any Other Day
    It’s the day of the year when people come together to celebrate their Irish descent. Towns go green, literally- from green clothes to green rivers and even green food and Read more
  • What is a Lip/Tongue Tie Correction?
    Some children are born with lip or tongue tie disorder that may be related to the teeth, and in some cases, may be caused by an orthodontic problem. Led by Drs. Read more
  • Superheroes Aren't the Only Ones With Lasers!
      In a world where everything is getting, smaller, quicker and more efficient, it makes sense that pediatric dentistry is following. Anderson Pediatric Dentistry is proud to offer laser dentistry in our Read more
  • The Advantages of Sealants
    How can you avoid cavities? Of course, a low-sugar diet reduces the presence of bacteria-filled plaque, which can destroy tooth enamel. Daily flossing and brushing are critical, too, as is attending Read more
  • Activated Charcoal for Your Teeth
    The internet and social media are buzzing with ads and promotions about the latest miracle ingredient- activated charcoal. This black substance can be used on everything from your hair to Read more
  • Singer Dua Lipa Sees the Wisdom in Postponing Tour Dates
    When die-hard music fans hear that their favorite performer is canceling a gig, it’s a big disappointment—especially if the excuse seems less than earth-shaking. Recently, British pop sensation Dua Lipa Read more
  • Johnny's Teeth Aren't Rotten Any More
    Everyone has to face the music at some time — even John Lydon, former lead singer of The Sex Pistols, arguably England’s best known punk rock band. The 59-year old Read more
  • What is Silver Diamine Fluoride and Is It Right For My Child?
    Cavities happen. It’s an unfortunate truth that affects approximately 40% of children by the age of 5 years old. Dental caries (cavities) in children is the most common chronic health Read more
  • Seal the Deal
    Dental sealants are plastic coatings that are usually placed on the surface of the tooth to help prevent them from decay. We take a plastic-like liquid and drip it onto Read more
  • Dental Care of Prime Importance for Children with Special Health Needs
    Children’s ailments come and go, and thankfully most are relatively minor. Some children, however, have impaired health caused by a more serious, chronic disease. For them, the condition impacts not Read more

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