2021 - The Year of the Healthy Mouth

New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, January 1st rolls around and we commit to new ways to improve ourselves and make changes in our habits. We resolve to eat healthier, exercise more, stop unhealthy habits, be on time, learn a new hobby, etc. But, this year, your Anderson kids dentist wants to challenge you and your child to make a New Year’s resolution that is easy to accomplish and will have lasting, lifelong benefits. What could that be? We are so glad you asked!

Anderson Pediatric Dentistry is challenging you to make 2021 the year of the healthy mouth! Think about it. If your child has a healthy smile, they will have the confidence to smile more. Healthy teeth don’t have cavities, so they save money. Healthy teeth don’t have pain, so your child is happy. And a healthy mouth doesn’t have gingivitis and bacteria to cause bad breath. Any way you look at it, a healthy mouth is win-win New Year’s Resolution! And it’s so easy.

Anderson Pediatric Dentistry can help you accomplish your goals and stick to your New Year’s Resolution to MAKE 2021 THE YEAR OF THE HEALTHY MOUTH.

  • Brush two times a day, for 2 minutes each time with a fluoride toothpaste.
    Now, we know changes happen slowly. If two minutes feels impossible. Just commit to brushing two times a day, every single day. Gradually increase the time.  

  • Floss.
    Yes, you have to floss. Every day is best, but at least 3-4 days a week. Your pediatric dentist is happy to teach you how to floss effectively.

  • Routine cleanings and check-ups.
    Come see us every six months so we can give your teeth a deep clean, review oral health and find any small problems before they become big problems! Regular check-ups and preventative care help avoid lengthy and expensive treatments down the road. They also give our team a chance to review brushing and flossing techniques and help build good habits.

  • Sealants.
    The ADA states that sealants on permanent molars reduce the risk of cavities on those teeth by 80%! This one simple step can help save your child’s teeth from permanent damage.

  • Diet and Nutrition.
    It wouldn’t be a New Year’s Resolution if we didn’t mention eating healthy! Everything you eat either helps or hurts your body. It’s the same for your teeth. Choose fruits and veggies, cheeses, nuts and yogurts to help maintain a healthy smile. Avoid sugary sodas and sports drinks and run far away from sticky, gummy and sour sweets that wear down the tooth’s enamel and stick to the teeth much longer than chocolate sweets.

    Anderson Pediatric Dentistry wants to be your resource for helping you achieve your oral health care goals in 2021. If you are looking for a dental home for your child in Anderson, SC or the Upstate area, call us today at 864-760-1440 and let us give you Something to Smile About!

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