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Happy National Children's Dental Health Month

February is quickly approaching. You know what that means! It’s time to run to the store to buy gifts for those you love. Stock up on toothbrushes, fluoridated toothpaste, floss and mouth fluoride mouth rinse.

Oh, wait. You thought we were going to say chocolates and stuffed teddy bears? Nope. We aren’t talking about Valentine’s Day. We are talking about National Children’s Dental Health Month- something so important that it gets more than just one day. It gets the entire month (even if it is the shortest month)!

In honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month, Anderson Pediatric Dentistry will be bringing you all the details you need to keep your child’s mouth healthy and their smile beautiful! And honestly, what better way to show your love than to give them a lifetime of beautiful smiles. So, we kind of just gave you a Valentine’s Day gift idea, too! You are so welcome.

Why is your child’s dental health important? For starters, dental health is an indicator of overall body health. Did you know that a person’s mouth can give clues as to the overall health over an individual?
It’s true. Gum disease has been linked to many illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Chronic inflammation that begins in your mouth can allow bacteria to enter the bloodstream, which may lead to other areas, such as your heart.

Why is this important for your child? According to the American Dental Health Association (www.adha.ord/ncdhm):

  • Dental caries is the most common chronic disease of childhood, with 59% of 12- to 19-year-olds having at least one documented cavity.
  • Caries disproportionately affect poor, young, minority populations and children living below 100% of the poverty level. In the United States, 25 percent of 2- to 5-year-old children from low socioeconomic and minority groups experience 80% of dental disease.
  • Prevalence of dental caries in young children has increased between the previous two national surveys, despite improvements among older children.

Anderson Pediatric Dentistry, your Upstate kids dentist, wants to help give your child their best smile. All month long, we will be celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month with advice and tips you can use to keep your child’s smile healthy and strong! Check our Facebook page often to get tips on oral health from pregnancy to adulthood!

If you are look for a dental home for your child, call Anderson Pediatric Dentistry today at 864-760-1440 and let us give you and your child Something to Smile About!0291115001643641893.jpg

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