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  • Little Teeth, BIG Job!
    We hear it all the time. Do baby teeth even matter? Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes! Baby teeth matter and we are going to tell you exactly why these Read more
  • Halloween Survival Guide
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  • Pack a Punch with Pumpkin
     Pumpkin Stir-Fry Spice up any cold fall night with this easy pumpkin stir-fry from earthofmarie.com   Pumpkin Chili Everyone loves a bowl of chili. Pump up the nutrients with pumpkin in this yummy recipe Read more
  • Pumpkin- Good for More than Pie!
    It’s the season of Pumpkins! Everywhere you look, it’s pumpkin this and pumpkin spice that. From lattes to pies, candles to fudge, it seems pumpkin has been added to everything. Read more
  • Bruxism- and What You Need to Know
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  • Kicking the Habit
    Is thumbsucking really that bad? Sure, it’s a bit annoying to look over and see your child walking around, playing or even sleeping with his thumb stuck in his mouth, Read more
  • Pacifier Wars- The Struggle is Real
    What’s small and plastic, can soothe a baby, or cause an end-of-the world meltdown- all in the same day? If you guessed pacifier, you are right! No matter what you call Read more
  • Fun Family Fall Festivities
    The temperatures may not agree, but according to the calendar, fall is here. And if you are going to fit in all the fun fall festivities, you better start now! Read more
  • Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner
    With the YMCA youth soccer season kicking off this week, we know that life is about get even more hectic for many of our families. Between school, sports, after-school activities Read more
  • What's For Dinner?
    Winner, Winner, Chicken DinnerLooking for quick and easy weeknight meals? We’ve got you covered. Anderson Pediatric Dentistry believes in the power of family meals, but we know that life is Read more
  • More than a Dentist- We're Your Neighbor!
    On the surface, it probably seems like choosing your kids dentist is simply a matter of picking someone close by that treats your child well and is knowledgeable in the Read more
  • To Seal or Not to Seal
    Yes, that’s right. We’re talking about sealants, yet again. Why do we keep throwing this information at you time and time again? It’s kind of like when your teacher used Read more
  • Pack the Perfect Lunch
      The final days of summer are upon us. We are busy packing in those last activities that we wanted to do this summer, school shopping and meeting new teachers. You’ve Read more
  • What's the Difference?
      When it comes to picking a dentist, it seems like the choice should be easy. After all, a dentist is a dentist, right? And any dentist can see kids, so Read more
  • The Tooth Fairy – Financial Guru, Famed Fairy or Oral Health Influencer?
    According to Delta Dental’s Original Tooth Fairy Poll, the going rate for your child’s lost tooth has declined in the past year. Based on their latest yearly survey, the average Read more
  • The Best Toothbrush
    In today’s world, we can often get overwhelmed by choices. Even when we have the best of intentions and try to research the best products, it often feels like there Read more

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