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  • Johnny's Teeth Aren't Rotten Any More
    Everyone has to face the music at some time — even John Lydon, former lead singer of The Sex Pistols, arguably England’s best known punk rock band. The 59-year old Read more
  • Battle of the Binkie
    Battle of the Binkie Paci, pappy, binky, dummy, soother, nuk nuk. No matter what you call it, these little bits of plastic and silicone have a way of running our lives. Read more
  • Could A Dental Checkup Save Your Life?
    Most everyone knows that going to see your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings can help save your smile — but did you ever stop to think that it just Read more
  • What's in your bottle? The truth about sports drinks and your teeth.
    Sports drinks, such as Gatorade and Powerade are made for replenishing lost electrolytes, glucose and sodium after strenuous activity. They are refreshing, taste good and seem like a good choice Read more
  • Children with Chronic Health Conditions may Need Extra Dental Care
    Proactive dental care is an essential part of childhood growth. But that care can be much harder for children with chronic health issues than for healthier children. “Chronic condition” is an Read more
  • Don't Be So Sensitive
        Summer is upon us. That means ice cream, popsicles and cold drinks. For some, even the thought of ice cream touching their teeth is enough to send them over the Read more
  • Common Types of Tooth Injuries and How to Treat Them
    Although naturally resilient, your teeth still face some significant dangers. Tooth decay and gum disease, “enemies” within the mouth, can severely damage your teeth and eventually lead to their loss. But Read more
  • Using Your Teeth As Tools
      We’ve all done it. You know you have. You put that new shirt on and see a tag. Instead of going to get the scissors, you just bite the plastic Read more
  • Actress Emma Stone Reveals How Thumb Sucking Affected Her Teeth
    It's no secret that many of Hollywood's brightest stars didn't start out with perfectly aligned, pearly-white teeth. And these days, plenty of celebs are willing to share their stories, showing Read more
  • Soda. Is It Really That Bad for Your Teeth?
    Soda. Is it really that bad for your teeth?     The short answer is yes. Sugar in soda, combines with the bacteria in your mouth to form acid, which eats away at Read more
  • Can Swimming Harm Your Teeth?
    What You Need to Know About Chlorine   It’s summertime and we are all excited for school to be out and pools to be open! As temperatures climb and summer activities begin, Read more
  • Keep Your Baby's Fluoride Intake within Moderate Limits
    Like many other families, you may use formula instead of breast milk as a safe and healthy alternative to feed your infant. But, if you use a powdered form that Read more
  • Don't Drink in Bed!
    Don’t Drink in the Bed! - All About Baby Bottle Tooth Decay   Baby bottle tooth decay occurs when bacteria on the teeth, created from sugars in foods and beverages in the Read more
  • 4 Things You Should be Doing Now for Your Baby's Long-Term Dental Health
    Your baby will grow into an adult so rapidly it will seem like they're changing right before your eyes. And some of the biggest changes will happen with their teeth, Read more
  • Why Does My Kid Have Bad Breath?
    Why Does My Kid Have Bad Breath? Does your child seem to have a case of morning breath - all day?  While not pleasant, most cases of bad breath in children Read more
  • Tough Love Brushing
    Parents- would you ever intentionally hurt your child? Do you willingly cause them pain? Would you ever try to give them a preventable disease?   Of course not!   We all love our children Read more

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