• Can Swimming Harm Your Teeth?
    What You Need to Know About Chlorine   It’s summertime and we are all excited for school to be out and pools to be open! As temperatures climb and summer activities begin, Read more
  • Don't Drink in Bed!
    Don’t Drink in the Bed! - All About Baby Bottle Tooth Decay   Baby bottle tooth decay occurs when bacteria on the teeth, created from sugars in foods and beverages in the Read more
  • Why Does My Kid Have Bad Breath?
    Why Does My Kid Have Bad Breath? Does your child seem to have a case of morning breath - all day?  While not pleasant, most cases of bad breath in children Read more
  • Tough Love Brushing
    Parents- would you ever intentionally hurt your child? Do you willingly cause them pain? Would you ever try to give them a preventable disease?   Of course not!   We all love our children Read more
  • Why Are My Kid's Teeth Yellow?
    My daughter is six years old and has lost all of her front baby teeth. Now that most of her adult teeth are growing in, we are really stressing the Read more
  • Tips for Thumb Sucking
    Tips and Ideas to Stop Thumb Sucking   Thumb sucking develops in young children as a coping mechanism. Like a pacifier, children often suck on their thumbs as a way to self-soothe. Read more
  • What to Do in a Dental Emergency
    What to Do in a Dental Emergency   My son fell this weekend and busted his chin. Of course, my first instinct was to make sure he hadn’t injured his teeth. Luckily, Read more
  • The Truth About Teething and How to Survive
    It’s one of those major milestones that we can’t wait to celebrate with our baby. We wait months for it. And then it starts and we can’t wait for it Read more
  • What is Silver Diamine Fluoride and Is It Right For My Child?
    Cavities happen. It’s an unfortunate truth that affects approximately 40% of children by the age of 5 years old. Dental caries (cavities) in children is the most common chronic health Read more
  • Brushing for Better Grades
    How does your child’s dental health affect their education? Can their dental hygiene have an impact on their grades? Their happiness? Absolutely. We all know that how we feel can impact Read more
  • Seal the Deal
    Dental sealants are plastic coatings that are usually placed on the surface of the tooth to help prevent them from decay. We take a plastic-like liquid and drip it onto Read more

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